Friday, March 26, 2010

Wewere in ST.Tropez ,

This year again we went there for some meeting for my husband , and i went with my sewing machine and fabrics , no way :)) But I am so happy LA LUNE bag is gave a  lot of change , she was in voter and a lot of time on Fp , thanks God.I WAS NOT CLOSED MY SHOP ON ETSY
and i send convos all my buyer , I am in St.Tropez but dont worry still I am working there , sewing there ...For me is not vacation but really nice place ,this weather gave me a lot of energy for new season...I sew 67 bags there and i was shipped from St.Tropez.La lune bag was born from this LA BOHEME bag  , one lovely customer wanted with grey  and I sew with grey linen , before sending everytime I am taking photos for customs and I am sending all detail for customer , she loves it and then i shipped .... 
Why I am working hard : Last year we bought our house 100m² and we need to pay a lot of money for credit for 33 years ! I am 39 years old :))) 33 years later we can say this house is our home !!!


ArtMind said...

Aww, you're working hard even when you're not at home! Love your bags! :)

Rita alias alatvian said...

Beautiful work! Great post!

florigamigirl said...

I think I'd feel inspired with such beautiful surroundings too! Nothing worse than wanting to create and not having your 'stuff'!!

Inci said...

Dear Feyza,

Very nice to see your working surroundings! I admire your hard working spirit!

I can't wait for my own IKABAG!! I keep dreaming about it after I see the fabric and my leather straps on it in the listing photo!
I want to use it during my summer tours with the Japanese tourists!
Please keep me posted about it!

I send you my love from Istanbul!


sesiber said...

I like them all, you're great designer.