Friday, July 23, 2010

Another beautiful handmade bags coming soon

Hello again ,

Still I am in vacation Vannes,France with my handsome boys.We had really great time here because near the sea near the beautiful forest , near the adorable old trees .

And i have some nice idea for new design bag and housewares.
Already I purchaised super quality linens for and,,

In the past two weeks i had lots of sales in vacation time , i am so happy because all customer send me very kindly and beautiful convos FOR HAPPY HOLIDAY WITH YOUR KIDS ;) , I am sure they are waiting my new fabrics and design ,can t wait to sew new bags too.

Probably  I will buy one or two new special sewing machine soon !

This vacation I don t take my sewing machines and fabrics but really i missed them .

When I am come back I will post my new fabrics, new accessories , new straps , new buttons ,new lining etc. and if you want use my handmade bag you will have lots of change for custom orders, I am sure I will sew just for you with my heart , with my two hands with my dreams and with beautiful songs.

This vacation I am more positive , I had ONE  neutral feedback from faux buyer but not I sad not important this time  because unfortunately !!! I know why they are doing this  and for  what ! I send several time convos them didn t answer me!

I done full refund (I am sure size is right !!!!and one buyer gave me neutral feedback about this!

I am sewing my all handmade bags alone and impossible to had a mistake 3 inches for bag size!!! This is crazy mistake !

Who can do it this big mistake for bag size!

Which designer!

Unfortunately I will give for her negative feedback  , she was asked several time custom order after and before her order !
We need to be careful about this interesting customer !

I lost my time with her for lots of convos ! I am really angry about this !

But this morning I wake up one super convo from Canada !

I will post later but  need to ask her ,

Yes msg from my I phone again

Happy summer , happy sewing and have a great weekend all my friends !

Happy mother , happy designer with dreams and with songs


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Vilt à la Kim said...

I hope you will ahve a super gerat vacation Feyza!! may all your worries stay at home and be solved when you come back :)!