Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This morning i wake up with 2 beautiful FP

Goodmorning ;)

Now we are in vacation at Vannes,France with my sons.
We are saying thanks for great front page !
Happy summer !

And second fp for afternoon !

Thanks so much,really so happy ;)


Something White said...

Bon séjour à Vannes! We´re going to Paris for some days in August and I´m looking forward to it. I lived nearby there, but our kids never have seen the Eiffeltower before.
Happy summertime to you and your family!
Best regards, Marjolijn

Feyza DEMIRTAS said...

Hi again ;)
Such a nice news ;)
In august we will cone back at home and please send me convo when are you coming ;)

feyzadem@ hotmail.com

Best regards

Decorative Labels said...

Feyzacim merhaba! Bloguma bir kac hafta evel comment birakmissin, anca geri donebiliyorum sana... kusura bakma.

Tekrar haberlesmek iyi oldu. Her zamanki gibi kosusturyuyoruz- etsy, ev, cocuk derken gunler geciyor. Umarim senin de islerin her zamanki gibi iyi gidiyordur.

Tatildeymissiniz herhalde, iyi tatiller! :)