Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our vacation in Vannes and my space :)

This summer we had two weeks vacation : one week with my husband and boys ;) ; another week my hubby come back his work and I was alone with my sons !
Last february we went St Tropez for some meeting etc and i went there with two machine and lots of fabric , but this time all my material stayed at home, I was with my I phone for my work :)
In the camping internet was really bad and i need to go to this area for read my convosand answers , so I was there with funny photos :)


Ayça'nın Dükkanı said...

You and boys seems sooo sweet my dear :) Kisses from Ankara :)

Feyza DEMIRTAS said...

ehi ehi many thanks Aycacim :)

I said I was not work there , little bit lie :)

But we had a great time near the see and with wonderful very old trees !
Looks wonderful !(300 years old !)

the rikrak studio said...

so beautiful!
i swoon just imagining it!
gorgeous photos, nicey!

BlueTerracotta said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Such a beautiful spot!

IKABAGS said...

Thanks girls :)

K , hi and welcome :)yeah :)

Laura yes this place really wonderful and this time I dont take my sewing machine and fabrics, but I bought a lot for new year :))