Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Working with Models

A dress form can show how a bag hangs, but it is not as beautiful as a real live model. While it isn't always possible to hire a model, your friends or family might make good choices. if I had a daughter it would be fun to take pictures with her, especially if she is photogenic.
You want buyers to know that your product is hand-made, to illustrate the dimensions of each piece and to show the different ways to use it.

The first two photos are with my hubby by an old French castle in the garden taken in the clear sunny air, and I'm with with my son in the 2nd shot :)
. Because of climate and weather conditions, I can't always get the pictures I'd like.

The last photos are of the scarf at home with lifeless mannequins (((((((How to use it to tell me with designing the way I downloaded erected another case, if you had a chance to capture the open air more pleasant with a live model would be the formation of squares.- not sure what this should be)))))))

I could continue to think about this constantly.

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Viktoria said...

the living model problem everybody of us has in different implementations I think!
working on a post about too....

Lee Wolfe Pottery OneClayBead said...

I really love the shot with the little boy and mommy! It shows your bag in a real life moment.

Nicolas Hall said...

It is understood, in any language, the visual tells a story! That is what the mother and child picture shows for your bag. . . a beautiful story. :)