Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Vacation summer 2012

This year we went again Vannes , La Rochelle , Ile de Re, St Malo, Amboise with our camping car , we had a great summer ...biking, swimming, walking,eating lots of fresh summer fruits :)) 
I add couple of photos quickly , I need to work for high volume order and for Australie shop .Before summer I ordered new fabrics,straps, accesories ,linings etc, I got lots of materials before vacation only 1500 mt fabric will come 15 August and yay :) we need new shelves for them, still not ready , probably this weekend we will finish with my hubby, I came back early for your orders too (many thanks for your patience and supporting handmade work ) , Monday and Tuesday tons of bag will shipped I hope you will like your handmade bags.

Check back often for news and this year I add 3 new vintage wool bag , design like my old Amy bags only I add double leather strap and long leather band like my Cinnamon Messenger flap.

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