Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fall Fashion time working hard

Not  finished beacsue same time i am sewing too , i hope this week will ok .

And this week i will got 5 new fabrics for new bags too , i hope you will like too. They are from French designer .you can see before and after :))


Pesky Cat Designs said...

So nice to get a glimpse into your studio! Looks like you are very busy. Beautiful new fabrics for your bags. And I also love the curtains in your kitchen with the roosters!

IKABAGS said...

Salut Elisa ,

How are you :)

Here is our saloon :) not my studio , because I put 4 big sewing machines at my atelier and some shelves ,so no more place for new fabrics etc , and this one for them , i thik its better, because i am cutting before sewing , and they are ready for ironing sewing etc.
Merci , have a wonderful week end for you and yours :)