Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Finally I finished my neW handmade bag today , great day !!!

* " Have 5 room " to seperate important objects like phone ,books, key,diapers , pencil etc..
Don't forget to look at my decorative stitches. I like them and I am sure you too:=)
*And I am closed by magnetic closure for safety.
*All seams are triple stich.

My Approx. Dimensions:

**20 inches wide (51 cm)
**13 inches high(tall) (33 cm)
**15.5 inches across the opening (39.5 cm)
**Handle measure : The adjustable strap gives a length of 46" ( 117 cm .end to end) when fully extended to approx. 26 " ( 66 cm.end to end) at it's shortest length.

***Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry. Iron if needed.

1 comment:

Elisa said...

WOW!!! I was so surprised ! A bag with my name! I am very honored. Feyza you are sweet.
I LOVE the bag. The style/shape and the earthy colors are perfect. And as always the embroidery inside is so special. Hope you get many sales!