Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The group admin of our ISOT Ladies Etsy Turkish Team, Nil of has created an unique treasury list.

12 members picked a word of the group slogan "TURKEY-where Asia and Europe meet; ISOT-where beauty and quality meet"; pictured themselves with that particular word that was written in different ways and added that picture to an existing item of their Etsy shop. And then our admin Nil created a treasury list with those particular items and you can see this amazing treasury in the below link:
Nil picked the word " ISOT " for me, . This logo with brodeidery of ISOT is very precious for me; because it's one of the first broidery I had made and every time I look at it I see the beautiful sceneries of my home country Turkey! I wouldn't sell it for anything!


Elisa said...

This is such a unique treasury!! Congrats! I just tried to post a comment at the treasury but it is already filled up with comments!
Turkey is beautiful and filled with so many creative ladies! :)

Elisa said...

I also wanted to mention that I love the photo of you and your gorgeous embroidery. :)

Ayça said...

Ay Türkçe yazıcam kimse kusura bakmasın :) Ne sevimli çıkmışsın sen öyle elinde İsot yastığı, önünde dikiş makinenle :) Öpüyorum.